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Adult Immunizations

Immunizations aren't just for kids!

As an adult, why would I need an immunization?
There are many reasons why an adult needs an immunization. You may not have been given the immunization as a child. You may need an immunization if starting a medical related job. If traveling overseas, you may need a specific kind of immunization. Perhaps immunity just fades over time. If you are not sure of your immunity against a disease, a blood test called a titer can be drawn to check your immunity status.

How should I prepare for the immunization?
At your yearly exam, you should ask your doctor if you are due for any immunizations. Before seeing your doctor for the immunization, make sure FPA has the item in stock and that your insurance will cover the cost of the vaccine. Also, inform your doctor of any possible existing conditions you have that may prohibit you from receiving the immunization.

What happens during and after the immunization?
You may have to fill out some paperwork pertaining to the immunization. You should not feel much except a small pinch. As with any medication or shot, sometimes there are side-effects. Usually these side-effects are mild. If you do have a side-effect, it may be sore arm, low-grade fever, headache, fatigue, nausea, or chills. If you do not feel well after receiving your immunization, please inform your doctor.

Copies of your immunizations will be kept in your medical file. You should also keep copies at home in a safe place for future reference.


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