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Arthritic Knees

What is knee arthritis?
Knee arthritis is commonly known as Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is also called wear-and-tear arthritis or Degenerative Joint Disease. Osteoarthritis is the wearing away of the cartilage of the joint exposing the bone beneath.

Who may develop knee arthritis?
Knee arthritis typically affects patients over age 50. It is more common in obese patients.
Sometimes there is a genetic predisposition for this condition. Other factors contributing to arthritis may include trauma to the knee, meniscus tears or ligament damage, or fractures to the bone around the joint. If you feel you may be developing arthritis, you may have some symptoms including limited range of motion, stiffness, pain with activities, tenderness, a feeling the joint may " give out ", or maybe a deformity of the joint such as knock-knees or bow-legs.

What is the treatment for knee arthritis?
Evaluation will begin with a physical exam and possibly x-rays. The goal is to reduce inflammation and pain while increasing joint function. Some ways to treat your arthritis include, but are not limited to, weight reduction, avoiding activities that put excessive stress on the joint, rest, exercise, mechanical support devices, physical and occupational therapy, medication, or surgery.

Please discuss with your doctor what would be the best treatment for you.

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