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Children's Health Services

 Our doctors provide many services for their young patients.

When should I schedule my child's visit?
You may schedule with any of FPA's doctors after the birth of your child. The doctor can see your child through infancy, toddler years, and teenage years into adulthood.
It is advised you schedule a new patient appointment with one of our doctors to get established at the office. If an emergency arises with your child, we can then schedule you an appointment usually the same day.

What should I expect during this visit?
Please always bring your insurance card, co-pay, and any forms needing completion. The doctor will check the overall health and well-being of your child. The doctor will take their vitals including age, height, and weight to make sure they fall within the range for a child their age. Also, their temperature, pulse, and respiration will be taken. The doctor will also verify whether or not your child is due for any immunizations. Your child may also receive a simple vision test. Your child's hearing may also be checked depending on if it is requested by the parent or if it's needed for a specific physical. He may also check your child's reflexes and coordination.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding your child's health. Our doctor's main goal is to help your child be happy and healthy!

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