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Children Immunizations

What is an immunization?

An immunization is a preparation given to an individual to produce immunity to a disease.

Who needs an immunization?

Immunizations work best when EVERYONE has received them. The more people who have had it, the less of a chance there will be of someone developing the disease. Generally, immunizations begin at birth and are given periodically throughout the child's early years. Some immunizations require a booster shot later in life.

How should I prepare for the immunization?

You should check with your insurance to make sure the immunization is covered under your plan. Also check with the doctor's office to make sure they have the item in stock.
Otherwise, there is no special preparation for this service.

What happens during and after the immunization?

You may have to fill out some paperwork regarding the immunizations. Your child should not feel much during the shot other than a small pinch. Afterward, your child may or may not cry. Usually the crying is short-lived and all your child may require is your attention and loving care. As with any medication or shots, sometimes there are side-effects. Typically these side-effects are mild. If your child does have a side-effect, it may be a sore arm, a low grade fever, headache, fatigue, nausea, or chills. Consult your doctor if your child does not feel well after receiving the immunization.

It is very important your child receive ALL the required immunizations. Check with your doctor to see if your child is due for any immunizations. Your doctor will keep a copy of the shot record in your child's patient chart. You should also keep a copy of the record at home in a safe place to use for future reference.


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