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Draw Station with Phlebotomist

FPA's blood draw station is staffed by an experienced, full-time Phlebotomist.

What is a Phlebotomist?

A Phlebotomist is trained in the collection of blood from veins. They can help interpret test results and diagnostic procedures. A Phlebotomist is also trained in infection control and sterilization processes.

Who may need blood work?

A patient can be tested for many things through the blood. These may include checking for high cholesterol, diabetes, allergies, thyroid problems, iron deficiency, or even liver and kidney dysfunction.

What to expect before your blood is drawn

Depending on the type of blood test, you may need to fast prior to the blood draw. The doctor will inform you of this at your visit. The Phlebotomist will take your current personal and insurance information. Based on what the doctor orders for you, the lab tech will prepare the necessary equipment for drawing your blood. Our goal is to make your testing experience as comfortable and informative as possible. Please inform the lab tech of any concerns or questions you may have before the testing begins.

Other services the lab provides include  urinalysis, pap smear analysis, fecal occult testing, and biopsy analysis.

As with any test, please consult your doctor for the results of your blood work.

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