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Office Surgery Services

What is an office surgery?
An office surgery is a procedure where the doctor may remove something from a part of the body.

Who needs an office surgery?
You may need an office surgery to remove something such as a mole, skin tags, a cyst, warts, lesions, or other skin ailments. If the doctor determines the procedure to be complicated, you may be referred to a surgeon or other specialist for your surgery needs.

What happens before and during the surgery?
You should schedule an initial evaluation to determine what needs to be removed. Once evaluated, set up an office surgery appointment, which may be 20-30 minutes long. Using the latest technology and equipment, the doctor will remove the item and possibly send the biopsy to our lab services. For example, if you had a mole removed, the items may be biopsied to check for skin cancer. Once the procedure is complete, the doctor and nurse will inform you on how to care for the surgery site. If you start to not feel well following your surgery, contact your doctor right away. Any results from biopsies usually come back within a few days.

As with all tests, follow-up with your doctor to see if further action needs to be taken.

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