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Women's Health Services

Our doctor's also provide health care for women. This is generally an annual visit, separate from any other visit you may have, focusing on a woman's medical needs.

Who needs a yearly woman check-up?
It is recommended a woman begin annual woman screenings beginning at age 18 or if sexually active, whichever comes first.

What should I expect during this visit?
At your appointment, your age, height, weight, and blood pressure will be taken. Any medications you are taking will be discussed. The doctor may obtain a pap smear while performing a pelvic exam to screen for cervical changes or infection. The doctor may also perform a breast examination to check for any lumps or abnormalities. if you are of appropriate age, the doctor may order a mammogram or bone density test for you. You also may need to have lab work to check your hormone, iron, and folic acid levels, among other things. Our doctors can also provide you with information regarding family planning and hormone- replacement therapy.

If you are pregnant, our doctor's can treat you for minor ailments. However, you should always follow-up with your Obstetrician.

Please check with your doctor to go over any test results.

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