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Yearly Health Exams

 What is a yearly exam?
It is encouraged and important that adults visit their doctor at least once a year for a yearly exam. Additional visits can be added if necessary. This will ensure that your health and well-being are on the right track.

Who needs a yearly exam?
EVERYONE should have a yearly exam!

How should I prepare for my exam?
Items to bring to any exam include your insurance cards, driver's license or other i.d., and payment for the service. It is also helpful to write down all of your questions beforehand on paper. All of your questions can then be answered at your visit. Also bring any paperwork needing completion.

What to expect during a yearly exam?
At your exam, your age, height, weight, and blood pressure will be taken. All of your body systems will be examined by the doctor. You may even get a hearing or eye screening. If you are a man, the doctor may ask to perform a rectal exam to check for any prostate abnormalities. If you are a woman, you may be asked to schedule a more comprehensive female exam at a later date. Your doctor may order any necessary testing such as blood work. He may check your cholesterol levels, iron level, or just a general work-up to check for signs of infection. Your blood test results can be a good indicator of how you are feeling. As with any test, be certain to follow-up with your doctor to receive any test results.

What are some other kinds of exams?
Besides a yearly exam, you may need to see your doctor for a different kind of exam. These may include: Getting cleared to return to work; traveling overseas, or adopting a child. If in the armed forces, you may need any number of exams for clearance purposes. Truck drivers need a physical called a CDL. There are numerous reasons for needing an exam.

Check with your doctor to see if it is time for your yearly exam!

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